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Rent to own finance lets your business get the equipment it needs, without locking you in to expensive long term contracts.
It’s simple. You start using the car, truck, ute, or equipment you need. You’ll pay it down through a low weekly rental, which is up to 100% tax deductible. At the end of the term, you can either pay the remaining cost and take full ownership, continue renting, or if you don’t need the equipment any more, you can simply return it.
Need equipment fast? Our rent to own finance is usually approved on the day of application. Not only that, it’s off-balance sheet lending, so it won’t tie down your business for the future.

What does our rent to own finance cover?

We provide finance for a range of vehicles and equipment, including business cars, utes, vans, trucks, and trailers. We also fund excavators, and other construction and agricultural equipment. If you’re not sure if we can help you get the equipment you need, just call us and ask!
We typically finance equipment up to 8-years old but if you have a good proposition, we will try to find ways to say yes rather than no.
We make it easy for you to get the lending you need to grow your business today.

Our lease finance advantages

Rent to own finance - loans from $5,000 to $250,000

Terms from 2 years to 5-years

Online application takes as little as 5 minutes – no paper work !

New companies / ABN’s are accepted.

Lease product for clients with good credit.

Rent to own product for minor & explainable bad credit issues.

Our team has been helping Australian businesses buy it,
finance it and own it for over 20-years

What our customers say about their finance experiences

Read true stories of customers about their finance experience with us.

Grow Equipment Finance helped me get a new truck for my business. Thank you!!

Mike T.- Transport Logistics

Purchased my first work vehicle ideal for my business. Great communication and very friendly people to deal with. Highly recommend company!

Brett M.- Electrical Contractor

Andrew was the best. Helped me get a huge discount on a new Holden Captiva.

John D. - Restaurant Owner