Frequently asked questions

Grow Asset Finance is the trading name for Grow Equipment Finance Pty Ltd, which is a small to medium business funding specialist. Our philosophy is to assist SME’s with their asset finance needs including cars, trucks, trailers and other vehicles to help them “grow”. And hence the name Grow.

As Grow Equipment Finance is a rental product, there is no interest rate. Furthermore, unlike a bank loan or other traditional funding option, all weekly payments are 100% tax deductable.

Yes you can. Please give us a ring to discuss options.

If you decide to sell your business, we can simply reassign your contract to the new business owner. Give us a call to ask how.

Each new piece of commercial equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is passed on to you. Some second-hand assets may also come with a warranty; this too will be passed on to you.

Once the warranty has expired, then as with any other finance package, you are responsible for any repair or maintenance costs.

Equipment maintenance, insurance and registration are the responsibility of the contract holder.

You must comprehensively insure the equipment or vehicle before taking receipt of it. Most insurance companies offer temporary insurance (a ‘cover note’) to protect you while you arrange permanent cover. Your rental agreement with Grow Equipment Finance Pty Ltd will take effect only after you have provided us with an insurance certificate for the vehicle or equipment. Registration of the vehicle is also your responsibility and must be in your name.